1996 - single


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released August 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: 1996
Plenty of roads behind us
plenty of stars above
plenty of useful reminders
of unrequited blood
not to mention love

I've been burnin' at both ends
feelin' those hot wax drops
kissen' new life in to dead ends
it's a tear watered crop
it's a bitter corn to pop

You could say love's leavin'
I could tell you why it should stay
but you'll just say I'm dreaming
and that it's the middle of the day

Romeo had Juliet
the Suns got the Moon
I got plenty of regret
got enough elbow room
for this to all end so soon

I've been sinking down
I've been rising up
Ive been taking the time to
not have enough
calling my own bluffs