Vol. 1: Pleasure Seekers

by Pleasure People

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This is the first EP in a hopeful series of releases by Pleasure People:

We all are Pleasure People...
We’ve got the disease to please you...
Our fair-weather friends and family...
We all are egocentric, ill at ease...


released October 11, 2019

All songs written by Nick Cantine. Instrumentals recorded and engineered by Nick Cantine. Vocals recorded and engineered by Jamie Hillyer at Module Overload. Produced by Nick Cantine and Charles Benson. Mixed by Nick Cantine and Charles Benson. Mastered by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studio. All songs performed by Nick Cantine and Charles Benson. Guest performances by Nikki Giron on tracks 1 (Anesthesia) and 5 (Minneapolis). Additional production, arrangement, and brotherly love by Erick Parks and Chris Campbell on track 4 (Miss Midnight). Album art by Zachary Pullen.

© & Ⓟ 2019 Pleasure People. The copyright in this product including without limitation all text, sound recordings, audio visiual recordings, artwork (whether in part or whole) contained in this product, is owned by Pleasure People. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, transmission and broadcasting of this product including the text, sound recording, audio visual recordings and artwork (whether in part or whole) is prohibited. All rights reserved. Made in the USA.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Anesthesia
Track Name: Pleasure Seekers
I've got the disease to please you
My fair-weather friends and family
I am an egocentric, ill at ease

I've got this relentless fever
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
You're my solution, my remedy

Mandatory Euphoria, mandatory euphoria
You are my sanctuary

I've got no intent to tease you
Head games, high frequency
We are concentric, we are at peace

I need an endless anesthesia
No pain, just ecstasy
Need your eccentric personality

We that go to the sea for pleasure, ear to ear in the great abyss
Fanatical for fuss and feathers, people pleasing pleasure seekers
One's trash is another one's treasure, somebody's last breath is another one's bliss
Capital and lust and nectar, people pleasing pleasure seekers
Lethal, leading, evil, grieving, people seeking pleasure
Track Name: Fly by Night
We’re always throwing dust in our own eyes
We misplaced our trust within the lies
We always drank like fish, fed like flies
We always flew by night

Just as the walking dead, low life low life
Just as the talking head, so sly so sly
And as we make our bed, we must lie there awake
We always flew by night

I’m growing eager to be free of the liquid leach
I got a fever and I’m seeking for the remedy
I’m a deceiver, high and “dry” on the hot seat
I’ve dug too deep and dearly paid

Trying to stay aboard the wagon to see what I may find
Trying to gain a little traction just to enjoy the ride
Before my vitals blacken, slowly die away
We always flew by night
Track Name: Miss Midnight
You better not turn that tramp when push comes down to shove
‘Cause she's a dirty ol' vamp with a knack for drawing blood

Yeah, she's enticing, she's gonna’ draw you in
She'll have you sacrificing your every argument to live

Blood red inviting lips
Hypnotic twisting hips
A little bite with every kiss
Miss Midnight, I can't resist

No, no, I can't deny you
No, no, not gonna’ fight you
No, no, you're terrifying
Horror is where the heart is
Track Name: Minneapolis
Meet me in Minneapolis

I have not seen you since only yesterday
So why can’t I remember your name
I thought about you constantly yet still I fell asleep
And had what seemed to be a never ending dream, but no, no, no
It seems I’m stoned cold dead yet I’m still breathing
My head’s in a battle
I’m thinking ‘bout leaving home

The long, lost organic process
You deserve nothing less
I’m mailing you a letter addressed to missed connection
Meet me in Minneapolis
The last time I was saying hello, I was saying goodbye
To a girl so unknown yet so alive
I’m mailing you a letter addressed to missed connection
Meet me in Minneapolis

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